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In 1968, the LGBTQ+ community was starting to thrive in cities throughout the United States, forming social hangouts and safe spaces away from a society that largely did not understand them. Rev. Troy Perry saw a need for a place of worship where the misunderstood and condemned could find acceptance for their sexuality without forsaking their religious or political beliefs. In pursuit of this mission, Rev. Troy Perry gathered along with twelve other LGBTQ people and civil rights advocates in Los Angeles, California, equipped with his knowledge of the ministry, and started a religious group around the concept of openness, acceptance of identity and self, and a love of God. This small group would grow into Metropolitan Community Church and spread from city to city to become a global organization.

MCC Baltimore has deep roots in the Baltimore community, and every year we cultivate our work with purpose.

In 1972, a similar group gathered for a service at the Young Women’s Christian Association under the guidance of Rev. James Huff to celebrate community in a new way. Through this brief encounter, MCC Baltimore was born, not only to provide a safe place of worship for the LGBTQ people of Baltimore City, but also to serve the community through activism and advocacy. 

We do not merely worship God, but share our love for God through community works and social justice-oriented action. Visit our Thriving Ministries and Community Works pages for more information on how MCC Baltimore works for change in our city and on our streets.

We do not believe all the same things, but love, respect  and honor our differences.

We are an inclusive church and welcome members and visitors of all backgrounds and identities to worship and work alongside us for a better Baltimore. LGBTQ+ individuals, people of color and allies are welcome. Fill out our online form to get in contact with an MCC Baltimore leader and learn more about our church.

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